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[DIR] Parent Directory [SND] Carla Thomas - Any Day Now.mp3 10-Aug-2008 11:39 3.07MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Stop Thief.mp3 17-May-2008 11:58 2.34MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I Take It to My Baby.mp3 18-Oct-2008 10:40 2.44MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I Want to Be Your Baby.mp3 16-Jul-2008 11:37 1.92MB [SND] Carla Thomas - something good (is going to happen to you).mp3 13-Jun-2008 11:39 2.35MB [SND] Carla Thomas - When Tomorrow Comes.mp3 12-Feb-2008 12:30 2.41MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I'll Always Have Faith in You.mp3 12-Mar-2008 12:19 2.60MB [SND] Carla Thomas - All I See Is You.mp3 14-Jun-2008 12:30 3.38MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Unchanging Love.mp3 10-Apr-2008 10:45 2.49MB [SND] Carla Thomas - give me enough (to keep me going).mp3 17-May-2008 12:30 2.09MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Lie to Keep Me from Crying.mp3 11-Oct-2008 10:45 2.19MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Me and My Clock.mp3 13-Jun-2008 10:37 2.09MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Same Thing.mp3 20-Nov-2008 10:20 2.68MB [SND] Carla Thomas - your love indeed (alternate take).mp3 10-Feb-2008 11:21 4.15MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I Want to Know (Take 2).mp3 13-Jun-2008 11:44 2.52MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I Wonder About Love.mp3 19-Feb-2008 10:56 2.61MB [SND] Carla Thomas - B-A-B-Y.mp3 14-Feb-2008 11:16 2.35MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz! (Look at His Eyes).mp3 15-May-2008 11:41 1.84MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Tramp - Otis Redding, Carla Thomas.mp3 11-Jul-2008 11:29 2.52MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Comfort Me.mp3 10-Aug-2008 12:59 2.03MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Lovey Dovey - Otis Redding, Carla Thomas.mp3 15-Feb-2008 10:36 2.17MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Love of My Own.mp3 11-Oct-2008 12:34 1.99MB [SND] Carla Thomas - (Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck.mp3 12-Mar-2008 10:16 2.14MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I'll Bring It Home to You.mp3 13-Apr-2008 10:48 2.86MB [SND] Carla Thomas - What a Fool I've Been.mp3 14-Sep-2008 12:54 1.76MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I've Got No Time to Lose.mp3 10-Jun-2008 11:19 2.38MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Boy Named Tom.mp3 10-Nov-2008 11:12 2.04MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Woman's Love.mp3 15-Jul-2008 10:58 2.28MB [SND] Carla Thomas - How Do You Quit (Someone You Love).mp3 16-Apr-2008 11:49 2.25MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Stop! Look What You're Doing.mp3 10-Apr-2008 10:26 1.96MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Let Me Be Good to You.mp3 15-Jun-2008 11:49 2.10MB [SND] Carla Thomas - What Have You Got to Offer Me.mp3 18-Jul-2008 11:18 2.17MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Something Good (Is Going to Happen to You).mp3 12-Jun-2008 10:27 2.02MB [SND] Carla Thomas - When Tomorrow Comes.mp3 19-Aug-2008 11:55 2.12MB [SND] Carla Thomas - I'll Always Have Faith in You.mp3 15-Feb-2008 12:56 2.33MB [SND] Carla Thomas - Pick Up the Pieces.mp3 16-Jan-2008 12:22 2.43MB