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[DIR] Parent Directory [SND] Carol Sloane - Here's that rainy day.mp3 11-Oct-2008 12:28 7.30MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Memories of you.mp3 13-Apr-2008 11:35 7.46MB [SND] Carol Sloane - The lady's in love with you.mp3 12-Oct-2008 12:14 6.57MB [SND] Carol Sloane - It's easy to remember.mp3 12-Jun-2008 11:23 8.09MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Where or when.mp3 11-Jun-2008 12:16 7.55MB [SND] Carol Sloane - More than you know.mp3 10-Nov-2008 11:57 6.52MB [SND] Carol Sloane - This time the dream's on me.mp3 12-Aug-2008 12:39 5.84MB [SND] Carol Sloane - My one and only love.mp3 17-Nov-2008 11:52 7.30MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Whisper sweet.mp3 17-Mar-2008 10:57 6.95MB [SND] Carol Sloane - The night we called it a day.mp3 15-Nov-2008 11:48 9.93MB [SND] Carol Sloane - You brought a new kind of love to me.mp3 17-Jun-2008 12:52 7.65MB [SND] Carol Sloane - I'm Getting Sentimental Over Your.mp3 20-Jun-2008 10:12 5.56MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Autumn Nocturne.mp3 20-Dec-2008 10:57 5.99MB [SND] Carol Sloane - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.mp3 19-Oct-2008 12:15 3.35MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Soon.mp3 14-Sep-2008 12:13 3.93MB [SND] Carol Sloane - You Go To My Head.mp3 16-Jan-2008 12:20 5.70MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Heart's Desire.mp3 12-Feb-2008 10:49 4.79MB [SND] Carol Sloane - One For My Baby.mp3 20-Aug-2008 11:41 9.52MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Moonlight In Vermont.mp3 10-Jun-2008 11:59 4.33MB [SND] Carol Sloane - I Was Telling Him About You.mp3 19-Aug-2008 10:50 4.55MB [SND] Carol Sloane - You Must Believe In Spring.mp3 15-Mar-2008 12:29 5.35MB [SND] Carol Sloane - The Folks Who Live On The Hill.mp3 20-Aug-2008 11:27 8.38MB [SND] Carol Sloane - Sentimental Over You.mp3 13-Mar-2008 11:55 137.60MB