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[DIR] Parent Directory [SND] Castrum - Weeping Inside Plagued Mirrors (Burial Of Ashen Bride).mp3 16-Sep-2008 12:39 22.95MB [SND] Castrum - A Symphony In Moonlight and Nightmares.mp3 19-Jul-2008 10:56 21.54MB [SND] Castrum - Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise.mp3 11-Oct-2008 10:22 18.55MB [SND] Castrum - Tears Of The Piano.mp3 13-Aug-2008 12:25 8.36MB [SND] Castrum - On The Wing Of Dark Angel.mp3 17-Sep-2008 11:32 15.06MB [SND] Castrum - Beyond The Mountains Of Frozen Spell.mp3 10-Dec-2008 11:51 18.01MB [SND] Castrum - Obscurity Within Funeral Moon.mp3 15-Aug-2008 10:16 13.14MB [SND] Castrum - For Those Wistful Moments In The Mist.mp3 12-May-2008 10:51 15.07MB [SND] Castrum - Fragments Of The Fall.mp3 10-Feb-2008 11:59 5.14MB [SND] Castrum - Insane... Sordid... Wicked....mp3 17-Jun-2008 12:50 14.56MB [SND] Castrum - A Voice From The Haunted Graveyard.mp3 12-Mar-2008 10:38 13.80MB [SND] Castrum - ....mp3 18-Jan-2008 12:33 6.71MB [SND] Castrum - Dying Winter (Her Natural Despair and Violent Desire).mp3 18-May-2008 12:49 12.29MB [SND] Castrum - Thou Uprised Majesty In Thirsty Glance Of Dusk.mp3 13-Jul-2008 11:51 9.29MB [SND] Castrum - Fields.mp3 11-Sep-2008 12:29 4.16MB [SND] Castrum - Drakulin Ples (Dracula's Dance).mp3 10-Apr-2008 10:16 7.21MB [SND] Castrum - Nocturnal Eden Behind Serpent Eyes.mp3 14-Aug-2008 10:14 13.81MB [SND] Castrum - Wandering Between Solitary Dreams.mp3 11-Jan-2008 12:30 11.77MB [SND] Castrum - ...And The Curtain Falls.mp3 12-Dec-2008 12:10 2.42MB