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[DIR] Parent Directory [SND] Chris Jones - She Does All That.mp3 15-May-2008 11:58 4.63MB [SND] Chris Jones - Lonely Comes Easy.mp3 20-Jan-2008 12:20 5.40MB [SND] Chris Jones - Waltz of Regret.mp3 17-Oct-2008 10:37 4.73MB [SND] Chris Jones - Too Hard to Say I'm Sorry.mp3 11-Feb-2008 10:42 4.88MB [SND] Chris Jones - Chances.mp3 12-Mar-2008 11:18 4.86MB [SND] Chris Jones - Like a Hawk.mp3 13-Oct-2008 10:28 5.96MB [SND] Chris Jones - Old Fella.mp3 14-Jun-2008 10:35 4.90MB [SND] Chris Jones - She Once Lived Here.mp3 13-Mar-2008 12:52 5.31MB [SND] Chris Jones - Too Far Down the Road.mp3 17-Jun-2008 12:42 4.82MB [SND] Chris Jones - After Sweet Memories.mp3 15-Jul-2008 12:16 4.98MB [SND] Chris Jones - Hero in Harlan.mp3 13-Dec-2008 12:29 4.97MB