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[DIR] Parent Directory [SND] Coph Nia - The Scapegoat.mp3 20-May-2008 11:38 14.57MB [SND] Coph Nia - Opus 77.mp3 15-Apr-2008 11:17 22.10MB [SND] Coph Nia - Doppelgdnger (Qliphotic Phanta...).mp3 16-Sep-2008 12:44 25.00MB [SND] Coph Nia - Sanctus.mp3 18-Mar-2008 11:49 18.61MB [SND] Coph Nia - Holy War (pt.2 - Silence).mp3 10-Aug-2008 11:28 18.41MB [SND] Coph Nia - Our Lady of the Stars.mp3 12-Jan-2008 11:18 15.17MB [SND] Coph Nia - The Veil.mp3 18-Mar-2008 10:56 2.26MB [SND] Coph Nia - That Which Remains.mp3 20-Mar-2008 11:54 26.43MB [SND] Coph Nia - The Half Of Truth.mp3 16-Dec-2008 11:12 7.21MB [SND] Coph Nia - To Fix The Shadow.mp3 12-Dec-2008 10:53 8.86MB [SND] Coph Nia - Lord Of The Air.mp3 17-Mar-2008 11:30 7.66MB [SND] Coph Nia - Prime Mover.mp3 14-Feb-2008 10:34 9.42MB [SND] Coph Nia - Gnostic Anthem.mp3 18-Oct-2008 12:11 7.60MB [SND] Coph Nia - Hymn To Pan.mp3 19-Mar-2008 10:43 11.80MB [SND] Coph Nia - The Mirror.mp3 14-May-2008 11:28 11.83MB [SND] Coph Nia - Stigmata Martyr.mp3 15-Jan-2008 10:16 7.53MB [SND] Coph Nia - Call Of The Jackal.mp3 10-Sep-2008 10:22 4.94MB [SND] Coph Nia - The End.mp3 17-May-2008 10:26 20.26MB [SND] Coph Nia - The New Oath.mp3 15-Sep-2008 12:57 5.54MB [SND] Coph Nia - Fire.mp3 18-Nov-2008 11:39 6.99MB [SND] Coph Nia - Credo V.mp3 17-Apr-2008 11:38 9.67MB [SND] Coph Nia - Sympathy For The Devil.mp3 15-Oct-2008 10:55 5.50MB [SND] Coph Nia - Drinking To The Angel Of The East.mp3 11-Oct-2008 10:45 5.76MB [SND] Coph Nia - Religion.mp3 19-Jul-2008 12:55 9.48MB [SND] Coph Nia - Hymn To Lucifer.mp3 13-Jan-2008 10:57 7.88MB